MERS, korean fear

540 Schools are Closed in Korea due to the Fear of MERS

Do you remember SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome),
a fatal various that drives humans to death?
It was prevalent from November 2002 to July 2003,
generating 8,096 infectors and killing 774 people.
However, for SARS prevention,
Korea demonstrated the best medical treatment technology,
and received an international acclaim that
it offered almost the perfect SARS prevention guideline.

However, MERS is now shaking entire Korea.
The number of isolated people due to MERS exceed 1,000,
reaching a total of 1,364 with an increase by 600 people in a day.
The Korean government guaranteed that
MERS would stay at preliminary and secondary infection,
but tertiary infector also appeared.
As a result, 540 schools near school were closed.
CNN, an American news press, also covers the spread of
MERS in Korea quite exceptionally.

Don’t come to Korea now.
Korea is at the verge of being branded as a major country
that failed in virus management.
By the time you read this article, the number of people isolated due to
MERS will definitely have increased.

MERS virus, which started in the Middle East.
As China and Hong Kong remember the SARS precedent,
they had a successful prevention,
but Korea is now falling down so weakly in front of MERS.
Korean people cannot hide their disappointment
at the Korean government and medical institutions.

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