MERS Reveals Korea’s Poor Citizenship and Government

MERS Reveals Korea’s Poor Citizenship and Government

MERS virus first occurred on May 20th in Korea.
If a good action were taken, everything would’ve ended on May 30th.
However, the government did not take any measure and
officially announced to avoid contacting “camels” that don’t even exist in Korea.
I have lived in Korea for decades, but have never seen camels even in a zoo.

The MERS virus has spread gradually,
causing 24 people to die, 166 people to have confirmed diagnosis,
and 5930 to be isolated.
An isolated patient in Gangnam, Seoul who is diagnosed with 
MERS rode a plane and had a tour to Jeju, an island in the southern part of Korea.

To revitalize the tourism industry that is facing difficulties due to the MERS virus,
the Korean government announced that it will
develop ‘Safety Insurance for Tour in Korea,’
which will provide medical expenses and travel costs for foreign tourists
that are confirmed to have contacted MERS in Korea.

The level of Korean citizenship and the government is almost the same.
It is as if they were having a bet on which one is poorer and more terrible.

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