Is the Name of Dokdo Liancourt Rocks?

Is the Name of Dokdo Liancourt Rocks?

Among Korean territories there is Dokdo, which is the closes island to Japan.
Koreans are the only people who call this island “Dokdo” in the world.
Then, what is the actual name of this island?
Even it is difficult for me as a Korean to easily explain the name of
this island to foreigners.

The Korean government should reflect on itself.
Dokdo is the name only called in Korea.
Japan calls this island ‘Takeshima,’ and Google of the U.S. calls it “Liancourt Rocks.”

When I search Dokdo on the Internet, I get Liancourt Rocks. Isn’t that amazing?
So we can assume that we can call it by any name we prefer,
but the Japanese Ministry of National Defense
officially announced that this land “belongs to Japan.”
Since about 30 years ago, Japan has strangely argued that this island is a
territory of Japan, despite the fact that the thousands of years
of history implies that it belongs to Korea.

Recently, when Japan renewed its claim in
an annual defense white paper that Dokdo is its territory,
the Korean Ministry of National Defense clarified its stance that
“we strongly remonstrate about this, and strictly urge Japan to take an immediate
corrective measure so that such improper act does not occur anymore.

The Korean government’s incompetence and
Japanese government’s dauntlessness.
Aren’t both so much like a comedy?

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