LGBT Festival Held in Seoul

LGBT Festival Held in Seoul

Korea is such a conservative country.
Since long ago, people have used the honorific form to older people.
Elders like younger people listening to their words and behaving to their will.
People with a challenging and enterprising spirit cannot success.
Most rich people in Korea are within the fence of conservative people.

The current South Korean president is Park, Geun-hye.
Her father was also a president.
Her incompetence was not an obstacle for her to become a president.
Conservative people elected her
as a president as they were lost in old memories of liking his dad.
This country is messy and out of order now.
In such conservative country,
Korea Queer Culture Festival, a festival for LGBTs, was held.

It is hard to understand the elders’ cry that this country,
hardly-rebuilt by toiling day and night, will be ruined due to homosexuality.
However, due to a trouble with
conservative people, this festival had to be stopped times.
Is homosexuality really ruining the country?
For them, homosexuality is disgusting and aversive, as they wear Hanbok,
the traditional Korean dress, show up at the festival, and
cry in front of homosexuals, holding a picket like that.

South Korea is still conservative.