naver.com is Korea’s Portal Dinosaur

naver.com is Korea’s Portal Dinosaur

Google and Yahoo are dominating search engine worldwide.
However, it is different for Korea.
The market share of “Naver (www.naver.com),”
a portal site indigenous to Korea, is as high as 80%.

Facebook and Instagram are almost the
only overseas services that settled in Korea.
The number of Instagram users is also declining.

Koreans have a strong Korean taste.
A portal site and website that reflect the taste as it is draw popularity.
Also, due to the fastest internet speed in the world and number of smartphone supply,
contents with large capacity are easily absorbed.
Thus, a website that prioritizes on text-based contents
like Google might feel a bit boring in Korean society.

Naver, Korea’s portal site, can be expressed as Google’s future.

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