Full Korea for the Past 5 Years

Full Korea for the Past 5 Years

Full Korea (www.fullkorea.com) that you are reading now has been run since May 2010.
It is August 2015 right now, so it has been running for 5 years and 3 months.
So far, we have hoped Full Korea to be famous overseas
rather than being famous in Korea.

With a concern that it will be uncomfortable to make contents freely
if we received a lot of attention from Koreans, and since
that it is a medium to promote Korea,
we focused on presenting Full Korea to overseas more than in Korea.
We have created many contents about various Korean news and information on
Korean society, politics, Dokdo, economy and culture.
As a result, our record for the past 5 years and 3 months are as follows.

About 61,400 people from the U.S., 12,000 people from France,
8,000 people from Ukraine and Israel, and about 2,000~4,000 people from
each of Germany, China, Russia, Canada, and Malayisa….
These people obtained the information of Korea through FullKorea.com.

FullKorea.com is my precious and valuable hobby.
Also, it is a unique website that has described
openly about Korea for someone living abroad.
As far as I know, FullKorea.com is the only promotion channel about Korea
that has been exposed to the most number of foreigners as a single channel.

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