Korea Grand Sale, Stupid Korean Politicians

Korea Grand Sale, Stupid Korean Politicians

MERS, which is equivalent to SARS, swept through Korea.
It resulted in a total of 186 patients and 36 death tolls.
Korea had the second highest number of death tolls after
the Middle East, the initial place of origin of MERS.
What the government presented as a measure to deal with MERS was
“Avoid any physical contact with camels.”
There are no camels in Korea.
The government also announced that if foreigners who visited Korea during
MERS period, the government will pay for all medical expenses,
so they should keep visiting Korea to travel.

Korea is also planning and running Korea Grand Sale to revitalize shopping.
It is similar to Black Friday.
It is hosting Korea Grand Sale, which was originally held
during off season in the winter, from August 21st to October 31st.
It is because to increase the tourism sales that was reduced due to MERS.
And, it is too difficult even for me who was born and
raised in Korea to receive the discounts.

It seems that Korea Grand Sale is a day to show the dark side of
Korean politics in a black way, not an actual Black Friday.

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