Korean Independence Day

Korean Independence Day

If you know Kwang Bok Jeol, you will be
able to understand Korean history more easily.
Kwang Bok Jeol is Korean. It is translated into National Liberation Day in English.
It means it is the Independence Day of Korea.

It is the day to commemorate Korea’s liberation from Japan’s colonial rule
and celebrate the establishment of the government of Republic of Korea in 1945.
That is, August 15th, 2015 is the 70th year anniversary of
Korea’s independence from Japan.

The 70 years of time divided the Korean peninsula into South and North Korea.
It is currently the only divided nation in the world.
For 70 years, South Korea has grown into an economic power that is on par with Japan.
In contrast, North Korea has become a poor communist country that keeps aiming for
weapons and wars as you hear about its news through CNN every year.

70th year anniversary of Korean Independence Day.
August 15th, 2015 is a meaningful national holiday of Korea.
If you come to Korea, please try saying the following phrase.
"Dae Han, Dok Rip. Man Se"