North Korea Fires Artillery at South Korea

North Korea Fires Artillery at South Korea

Korea is the only divided nation in the world.
It is divided into North Korea and South Korea.
It has not been reunified yet.
While Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany
and was reunified into one nation later,
in Korea, North Korea fired artillery at a speaker through which
South Korea sends announcements toward North Korea.
130 residents in the area escaped.
South Korea fired back at the North in return.

The feeling that a war will begin has been continuing for decades.
The division of Korea into South and North started
when both were divided into two different regimes in July 1947,
so Korea has been divided for 67 years as of 2015.
North Korea provokes the South every 3 to 4 years.
Recently, the Chinese stock market keeps dropping.
South Korea, the 10th largest economy in the world, is heavily influenced by China.
On top of this, North Korea also provoked South Korea,
which is having a bit troubled day.

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