Super Star K, Its 7th Season is Starting

Super Star K, Its 7th Season is Starting

“Super Star K,” a music audition program aired on Korean music channel
‘M.net,’ is starting its 7th season already.
The winners of the show so far are still drawing huge popularity, and
Seo, In-gook, the first winner of Super Star K-1 (first season), is not
only singing but also playing the main characters in movies and
dramas, being recognized for his acting skills.

Super Star K is the first music audition program in Korea.
K of Super Star K is an initial of Korea. In other words,
it is a program seeking Korea’s super star.
However, as Korea’s status is rising and Korean broadcasting contents are
aired in 180 countries throughout the world at the same time,
numerous participants are swarming into the show from all over the world.

The first episode 7th season is aired on M.net on August 20th.
Wherever you live, if you hear the audition news of Super Star K,
please tell that to your musician friends.
Your friend might become next Psy.

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