Wonder Girls, from Dance Girl Group to a Rock Band of 4

Wonder Girls, from Dance Girl Group to a Rock Band of 4

Do you know Wonder Girls, a Korean girl group of 4 members?
They made their debut in 2007.
Their title song brought “Tell Me” 
song and dance fever across the Korean society.
Song , which was released right after, 
still draws huge popularity in Asian countries
as if it is remembered as a melody like Gangnam Style.

today launch !!

With , Wonder Girls debuted in the U.S. in 2009,
and introduced themselves by performing in the opening stage of
all-USA tour by Jonas Brothers.
They were also ranked on 76th of Hot 100 on Billboard for the
first time in 30 years in Korea.
The next record by Korea is Psy’s Gangnam Style.
In 2012, a movie called 《The Wonder Girls》, made after their name,
was aired on America’s Teen Nick channel.
Then, Wonder Girls, Korea’s idol group of 4 girls,
changed into a rock band of 4 in 2015.
The original member who left the group has returned.
Their change is revealed soon.

Band Wonder Girls,
Will they be successful?

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