A Strong Earthquake of Magnitude 5.2 Hits Tokyo

Tokyo is an island country. It frequently has earthquake.
Japan is the closes country from Korea.
Japan controlled Korea for 30 years from 1915 to 1945, and
Korea was heavily influenced by Japan.

Japan’s corporate culture, conversation ways with people,
calculation ways, range of thoughts, manners,
and many other habits have spread to Korea from Japan without
knowing them or not.
While Japan was colonizing Korea, Japan took many
Korean women and forced them into sexual slavery.
They also killed many women for soldiers’ entertainment,
but Japan has not officially apologized for this.

Korea hates Japan.
We want to interpret that the frequent earthquakes of Japan started from Korean people’s struggle to demand Japan’s apology.
Today, a destructive earthquake at the magnitude of 5.2 occurred in Tokyo,
the capital of Japan.
We hope that the two countries get along together well like brothers.

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