Jungho Kang, Pittsburg’s No.4 Hitter

Jungho Kang of Pittsburgh Pirates hit a grand slam.
It is the homerun for two straight games
followed by the huge home run of 145m long
on the previous day and his 15th homerun for the season.
Jungho Kang, who used to be no.4 hitter of a Korean professional baseball team,
is now taking a very active part as no.4 hitter of Pittsburgh.

Jungho Kang, who hit a grand slam to Cincinnati Reds
The local commentary team of the U.S. highly praised
him by pouring exclamations such as
“He bombed the audience seat on the 2nd floor.” And
“Isn’t he brilliant?” throughout the entire commentary.

Jungho Kang transferred to America’s MLB from
Korea’s professional baseball team,
and year 2015 is his first year.

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