Korea’s American Black Friday?

It has been planned that Korean ‘Black Friday’ will be held.
Korea has the highest internet use rate and the fastest internet speed in the world.
Everyone uses a smartphone in Korea.
It’s also the home of Samsung, so the latest devices are distributed, and
Korea’s expenditure size of online shopping malls is one of the highest in the world.

As a result, Korean consumers made tremendous
consumption on the Black Friday.
Korea revitalized the U.S. domestic economy.

As a result, the Korean government will hold the Korean ‘Black Friday.’
It has been known that about 26,000 large distributors,
including 71 department stores,
398 large supermarkets, and 25,400 convenience stores will be participating.

It is a bit ironic that the government is taking the initiative in
setting a sales period.
However, China’s biggest holiday starts on October 1st.
This seems to be a policy for Korea,
which is China’s biggest travel destination country,
to try to revitalize its domestic economy
while aiming for Chinese tourists’ spending.

What would be the result of the national sales event that
has been created in an unnatural way?

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