Naver’s Entertainment Program New Hsi Yu Chi to be Aired on China’s Portal QQ

Naver (www.naver.com) is a famous portal site in Korea.
In Korea, the market share of Google could not surpass 10%, and
Almost 80% of the portal website market is dominated by Korea.
Korea’s portal site is Naver.

Korea is close to China. Chinese people’s favorite travel destination is Korea.
Also, Korean contents (music, movies, and dramas) are very popular in China.
Most incomes of Korean celebrities sometimes come from China, and some of Korean celebrities are only active in Korea.

Korea’s portal site Naver announced the production of
“New Hsi Yu Chi (Journey to the West),” a famous Chinese novel,
as a Chinese travel entertainment program to reinterpret it.
It will only host Korean celebrities and will be carried out only in Korean,
but will be aired on China’s portal site QQ at the same time.
Korea’s total population is 50 million, but the users of QQ are 300 million people.

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