What should be done to Raise Awareness of Dokdo Issue?

Dokdo is a Korean territory.
However, Japan keeps calling “Dokdo” “Takeshima,” and is spreading
throughout the world that it will make “Takeshima’s Day” as a national holiday.
This island is searched as “Liancourt Rocks,” a completely new name, on Google.
It is a rock, not an island.
Would people in other countries be
wondering about who the owner of this island is?

What is Korea doing?
Then, I want to ask Koreans.
Do you know where Folkland is, to which country
it belongs, and which countries are having a territorial dispute over this?

After time passes, they might be able to see a review on trip to Japan
on someone’s SNS that “I heard Japan’s Takeshima Island is so beautiful
but couldn’t go because it is illegally occupied by Korea,”
with a facial expression of pitcher who was hit by a homerun.
Get a hold of yourself, Korean government, and so do I!

But ...the Korean government does not seem to have a determination to solve this.
Why is it unable to get a certified copy of family registration at a town office,
And fight against a strange woman who claims my son to be hers?

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