Korean pop music was great by PSY

We call South Korea's popular music K-POP,
and it has been very long since K-POP artists seized the
highest ranks of music charts in China, Japan,
and other countries in Southeast Asia.
Yet, the biggest incident ever would be
Psy's world-hit song, GANGNAM STYLE.
I guess you would have heard of it, and that is K-POP.
Time passed by, but Psy Is still actively working as Korea's K-POP artist.
Psy's 7th album, together with will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas
and Ed Sheeran, a British singer,
was launched on December, 2015.

The new album, just like it used to be,
is fun and exciting. I hope everyone could enjoy it!
K-Pop is no more a strange genre.
It has already become one of the major genres of worldwide music.
Now, here's a question.
Then, do you know BigBang?


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