About fullkorea

Since Full Korea was launched in January of 2010, 
it has introduced South Korea 
to countless foreigners all over the world. 
Since the inception of this site,
67,328 people from the United States,
11,873 from Israel, 11,650 from France,
10,000 from Ukraine,  and 5,000 from Germany
have accessed the website.

The number of people who visited the site
from Russia, China, Canada, Indonesia, and other
countries totals 10,000.

Approximately 120,000 people outside of
South Korea have visited the website.
This blog has introduced South Korea to about
20,000 foreigners every year.
This number of visitors can be considered small by some,
and large by others.
It is certain that the number of visitors cannot be
considered staggering.
It can definitely become bigger.

United States 67,328
South Korea 13,397 
Israel 11,873
France 11,650
Ukraine 10,042
Germany 5,076
Russia 3,509
China 3,244
Canada 2,365
Indonesia 2,198
Despite the small number of visitors,
Full Korea has been informing foreigners about South Korea
for the past six years. That fact is something I am proud of.

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  1. Thank you so much for providing us details and facts about South Korea. I loved reading you blog post. I would really like to see more stuff like that so keep posting.