Global Response to the Oxy Incident

Reckitt Benckiser Korea (Oxy) had
produced and sold humidifier sterilizers
called Oxy Ssag-ssag (옥시싹싹).

This product killed 146 people, 
who were mostly pregnant women.
According to investigations led by the
South Korean government,
80.3% of the research subjects (404 people)
had used the Oxy product.
The harm done by Oxy must be told to the whole world.

The head of Oxy is apologizing to the South Korean public.
However, Oxy products had caused fatalities in 2011.
It took five years for the head of Oxy to apologize.
And why did it take five years for this tragedy to gain
attention from the media?
It is truly frustrating and sad.

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Did you not purchase Oxy products during those five years?
Reckitt Benckiser is a global brand.
The fatalities caused by Oxy is not 
South Korea's problem alone. 

Do you have Reckitt Benckiser or
Oxy products in your house?
The South Korean society is trying to
increase global awareness of this Oxy incident.