Japan's Rising Sun Flag and Germany's Swastika

Japan's Rising Sun Flag and
Germany's Swastika are equivalent --
both represent the atrocities that these countries
committed during World War Two.

Germans are ashamed of the swastika and do not use it:
they are aware of what the Nazis committed.
However, Japanese are not ashamed of using the Rising Sun Flag.

Please point this out:
The Rising Sung Flag is the Asian equivalent of the Swastika.
It symbolizes Japan's wartime crimes,
so Japanese people should not use the flag.
Do they not know what the flag represents?


  1. Over the centuries these banners haveevolved into national banners or pennants. Colors are symbolizing the country of origin. Table Flag

  2. It's called not being a guilt-ridden self doubting cuck. Get the fuck over it. 14/88

  3. Korean dogs, get over yourself. Japan is great, you are shit.

  4. first some people use the nazi Flag in germany the flag is elegal can get you big money fines or Prison and stands for genozid.The flag from Japan is just the old flag They lost the war and did nothing else than fight for pover and land like every other county .Are americans ashamed of there flag after they droped 2 nukes on them ???

  5. This means that America should ban its own flag too. How many millions have died under it? The british as well. Stop cucking.

  6. Japan will SINK deeper if they keep doing this..

    SO Japan they think they are really a victim of WAR?

    So they didn't really wake up~ after all~ Two nukes by US & one by themselves on Hukushima~

  7. Too much Radioactive~ made them stop thinking..




  8. As ashamed as you Koreans should be for North Korea? Nah.

  9. The North Korean flag symbolizes crimes and the worst atrocities committed against humanity in recent memory. What the hell are you Koreans doing about it? Nothing. Instead, what do you Koreans do? Shake hands with the Kims, making friends with them while their population starved.

    Nice going.