Visiting Gangnam: Information on Places to Stay and Hang Out

Psy's song called Gangnam Style was released in
2012 and took the world by storm.
The popularity of this song can be
compared to that of Macarena by Los Del Rio.
Gangnam Style will probably ring in people's heads for decades.
Korean pop music is often referred to as K-pop,
and has been popular in Asia and Latin America.
Psy's Gangnam Style is inducing tourists from
all over the world to visit Gangnam.

Gangnam is a good place to hang out.
It is filled with eateries, stores, and other facilities.
But the number of facilities and tourists can make
Gangnam a little too hectic and loud.
There are some quiet neighborhoods and streets that
are only three minutes away by walk from Gangnam.
These places are also good spots to hang out
and enjoy the night scene.

You can check out the locations in the image above.
You will find more details about the locations
and prices of restaurants,
shopping and lodging facilities, etc through airbnb: