Have you heard of THAAD?

Have you heard of THAAD?
It stands for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense,
an anti-ballistic missile system
that the U.S. is planning to
use as a protection against North Korea's
growing nuclear threats.

The purpose of THAAD is to shoot down
North Korean missiles that target
South Korea's densely populated areas and
core infrastructures.

South Korea and the United States agreed to install THAAD
in South Korea's U.S. military base by the end of 2017.
To be more accurate, the U.S. decided to do so...
I am disappointed with Korea's diplomacy, as the deployment
of THAAD is angering China.

China is located right above the Korean peninsula.
Many Koreans are concerned that the installment of THAAD
could deal a blow to the nation's economy. In fact,
Korea's casino and travel-related stocks have dropped
by 3% as a result of the upcoming THAAD deployment.

A majority of foreign tourists in South Korea are Chinese.
Deploying THAAD will adversely affect not only the diplomatic
ties between Korea and China, but also jeopardize Korean citizens'
everyday lives, as we cannot disregard
China's influence on Korean
tourism industry and economy.
Would it be possible to deploy THAAD
without facing these negative

For South Korea, THAAD may be a defense mechanism
but in the perspective of China,
it could be seen as a threat.


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